Chevron pointing left, helping the user navigate back to the services section of the site.
A mock up of a man using the savvi digital training platform. The platform has a bright coral side menu, a feature course and two carousels on a black backdrop. Course images are business and sport related.
I was tasked with building an online training platform that billed itself as ‘The Netflix of Online Training’. The product would be white-labelled, so it could be sold to companies across all industries that wished to host their own training content. Courses could be sold as one-offs or on a subscription model to create revenue for partners.
4 screen mockups of the savvi e-learning platform. Images show coach ben garner presenting a learning video, and some default course images. The interface is black with a vivid coral menu.
It was crucial that the user experience was intuitive and interactive, and much of the platform revolved around engaging video content. As clients could white label the platform, I had to factor in customisable elements such as the logo, colour theme and landing page. These had to be flexible as well as making the platform appear on brand.
two iphone mock ups of the savvi training platform. Left side mock shows the home screen with a feature course and two carousels. Right side mock shows inside a course and the heading says 'introduction'. Underneath are lesson thumbnails and an 'unlock full course' call to action.
The site differed from competitors in that you could take full courses on a mobile device. It was important to focus on mobile first in order to increase usability.
Two iphone mock ups showing the Savvi training platform. The left side mock shows a bright coral menu with the username and content types: including featured, courses, resources, webinars, workbooks, bundles and forums. The right side mock shows the my account section, with notifications and large buttons pointing the user to content, messages, profile and preferences.
I designed the information architecture, incorporating all the different media types that could be uploaded including webinars, interactive workbooks, courses and forums.

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A mockup of 3 iphones displaying the MyTell app. Screens show the login page, a leave a tell menu and a selection screen where the user can choose golf, recreation, food and beverage, skiing or shooting.
For 59club, I was tasked with designing a branded mobile app that would allow members to leave scores and feedback on their home club.
Three iphone mock ups of the 'mytell' app. The first screen shows the different facilities available to review, including the golf course and practice area. The middle shows a review taking place; the user is scoring the greens a 10 and has uploaded three images. The right mock shows a 'thank you for your feedback' message at the end of a 'tell' on a darker background.
The app had to to cater for varying levels of digital literacy. Ratings would generate a ‘net promoter score’ which clubs could use to measure themselves against competitors.
A laptop and ipad showing The Aspiration Group's check in system. Laptop displays an admin interface. Ipad shows an image of a golf course and a 'Challenge Day' heading. There is a bright yellow button asking the user to check in.
As part of The Aspiration Group’s event offering, they asked me to design a really easy to use ‘check-in app’ which allowed attendees to sign in to events upon arrival.
Two ipads showing the aspiration group's check in app. The left side mock shows the users details and a confirm and back button. The right side mock shows a thank you message with a 'new check in' call to action. Both screens have a golf course in the background with content overlayed.
I designed an admin system on which the client could set up and edit events. This allowed them to customise text, logos and imagery to suit their client and location.